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Our Team

Lawrence Schadler CPMR
Co-founder & Principal

Lawrence boasts a unique and effective leadership style that has served him well through the rapid and consistent growth of Tri-Rep Sales, Inc. Although Lawrence has been in the manufacturers’ rep business since 1994, he also has vast experience with wholesale distribution and with working with engineers and contractors. This is because of his many years as the owner of Westates Supply, Inc, a plumbing wholesale supply company, which he later sold in 1992. Lawrence soon moved to Houston, bringing his knowledge and passion for the wholesale distribution industry with him.

Lane Malmberg
Co-founder & Principal

Lane’s 35+ years of broad-based management, operations, and sales experience specific to the plumbing industry gives Tri-Rep Sales, Inc. a competitive edge. As a sales director in the US Plumbing Productions Division for American Standard, Lane was responsible for managing a six state region. Now, he puts that industry knowledge to good use with Tri-Rep Sales, Inc.


Jeanette Schadler

Jeanette has been with Tri-Rep Sales, Inc. since 2012, bringing with her many years of industry experience and organizational skills. Jeanette keeps the company running smoothly. She expertly balances various responsibilities such as accounting, customer assistance, technical support, office management, and office procedures.

Jay Walden
Outside Sales Manager

Focusing on the decorative showroom segment of the market, Jay has been a plumbing manufacturers’ representative for the past 15 years. He joined Tri-Rep Sales, Inc. in 2012 and successfully balances his responsibilities of managing our outside sales team with that of the wholesale distribution channel. Jay possesses an uncanny reputation in the industry as a hard worker, problem solver, lifetime relationship builder, and forward thinker.

Brady Bell
Quotations Manager

A manufacturers’ representative since 1995, Brady manages the quotations department and processes commercial job quotes. He also works closely with plumbing engineers and contractors to keep things at Tri-Rep Sales, Inc. running smoothly, by managing troubleshooting and the technical servicing of products out in the field.

Erika Purser
Inside Sales Manager

Erika has been with Tri-Rep Sales, Inc. since 2013, bringing many years in the wholesale industry along with her. Prior to joining our team, she worked for a wholesaler in the inside sales department. Since then, Erika has become a vital piece of Tri-Rep Sales, Inc. as she directs and facilitates the processes and responsibilities of our inside sales team. Her friendly, upbeat attitude gives her an edge in customer service, order entry, and sales.

Gabe Maldonado
Warehouse Manager

Gabe joined Tri-Rep Sales, Inc. in June of 2017 and has already proven to be an important asset to our team. Gabe brings with him over 18 years of industry experience, along with a “lead by example” leadership style and strong organizational skills that fuel the success and function of our warehouse.

Outside Sales

Antonio Alvarez
Outside Sales

Antonio has been with Tri-Rep Sales since 2007, and he is currently spearheading outside sales and service covering Austin, San Antonio, and the Rio Grande Valley. Previously he worked for Guardian Equipment Company as the Southern Regional Sales Manager covering eight states.

Tony Green
Outside Sales

Tony first joined us in 2014. Currently covering the Houston area, Tony provides the bridge between Tri-Rep Sales, Inc. and mechanical engineers, contractors, and medical facilities. With his prior experience in the medical industry, he has the qualifications to work closely with medical professionals and to assist them with their unique needs.

Chris McKendrick
Outside Sales

Chris began with Tri-Rep Sales, Inc. in May of 2016 with 16 years of experience in the plumbing industry. He began his career doing outside sales at a wholesale company in Dallas before transitioning into the manufactures’ rep business. Chris’s expertise in salesmanship allows him to forge deep relationships with engineers and plumbing contractors.

Bruce Hansen
Outside Sales

Bruce has been with Tri Rep since 2017 and represents a wide variety of products. A graduate of the University of Houston, he started his plumbing career with a local plumbing distributer in 2011. Because of his incredible talent for relationship building, Bruce exercises tremendous care and professionalism while catering to the needs of commercial service contractors, wholesalers, and showrooms.

Jessica Colina
Outside Sales

Jessica joined Tri-Rep Sales, Inc. in 2017. A graduate of the University of Houston, her prior experience in social media marketing, sales, and customer service makes her a triple threat for our company. Jessica manages our online marketing in addition to her responsibilities as part of our outside sales team. Her friendliness and charisma lend greatly to her role serving the architectural and design community.

Kim Cavanaugh
Outside Sales

At Tri-Rep Sales, Inc., Kim puts her 10+ years of experience in the plumbing industry to good use. Her extensive knowledge in showroom and builder sales comes in handy when she calls on builders, engineers, and showrooms for our residential and commercial lines. Kim’s spunky personality makes it possible for her to connect with all kinds of people and make them feel comfortable.

Inside Sales

Mary Anne Posinski
Inside Sales

Mary Anne made her start in the plumbing industry with a local Houston rep agency—46 years ago, right out of high school. She has been with Tri-Rep Sales, Inc. since August of 2016 and brings a wealth of customer service and product knowledge. She is highly regarded within the Houston market for her attention to detail and the way she responds quickly and knowledgeably to our customers’ needs.

Mario Mendoza
Inside Sales

Mario began working for Tri-Rep Sales, Inc. in May of 2015, and he has had the opportunity to hold several positions within our company. Currently, Mario’s responsibilities lie in our inside sales department. A quick learner, Mario is set apart by the care and friendliness that he demonstrates while serving our customers.

Rob Mentz
Inside Sales

Rob has worked in the industry since 1980, joining our team in 2017. Because of his many years of experience, Rob brings with him priceless knowledge and experience that give Tri-Rep Sales, Inc. a competitive edge. He executes his inside sales responsibilities with attentiveness and amiability.

Pedro Ortiz
Quotations / Inside Sales

Pedro has been with Tri-Rep Sales, Inc. since 2015, executing his responsibilities in customer service, inside sales, and job quotation. Pedro is a dedicated and enthusiastic employee, committed to providing great customer care and product knowledge.

Evan Bell
Quotations / Inside Sales

Evan has been with Tri-Rep Sales, Inc. since 2017. He is one of our quotations specialists, but holds responsibilities in our inside sales department as well. Evan has proven to be a formidable multitasker and a quick learner as a representative in his respective field.


Michelle Langlois
Human Resources

A graduate of Texas A&M University, Michelle officially joined Tri-Rep Sales, Inc. in 2018 as our Human Resources Administrator. Before joining us, Michelle actively worked alongside Tri-Rep for years, having began her plumbing career in 2012 working in sales for Elkay Manufacturing. She is a quick learner who is always helping her teammates. That, her strong “get the job done” professional attitude, and her knack for keeping morale high within the office makes her a great asset to Tri-Rep Sales, Inc.


Jose Rocha
Shipping / Receiving

Jose began at Tri-Rep Sales, Inc. in July of 2016 and is responsible for receiving & shipping, inventory management, and deliveries. Jose has demonstrated an attention to detail that ensures our customers’ orders are filled accurately and on time.

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